sexta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2018

para meus amigos gringos - for my gringos friend

hello guys!!!!

are you comming to Florianópolis - SC (the famous Ilha da Magia)??

you need to know some things, also you  need to know what you need to bring to Brazil...
what is the most expensive place, or witch kind hiking to do, the best place to rend a boat (the chepear one).

well, i would like to say about wich kind things you need to know:

First if you come to Brazil in general, is better you have REAIS, its better, usually the places dont accept dollar, you can usa card (all places accept card) but also is good to have some Reais (R$)

1 dollar = R$ 3,40 (around this).

- Cigarretes; ( yes its like 10 reais - U$$ 3,00)
- Foods (food here you will pay cheap at the restaurants like maximun R$30,00 - U$$8,00) Good and healthy.
- Sports (the surf class is almost U$$15,00) have a lot of surf class at Barra da Lagoa - Florianopólis.
- Paragliding (R$230,00 - U$$ 65,00)

i can believe you can try a lot of differents sports here =]

YOU also NEED TRY this things (Very commom in Brazil)
- Pastel (meat or cheese)
- Pizza
- Pão de queijo
- Tapioca (i like chicken with cheese - frango com catupiry)
- Feijoada (beans with meat)
- Moqueca de peixe (fish in general is good, but moqueca is really tradicional)
- Fruits (papaya, mango, pineaple...)
- Barbecue (Churrasco)
- Pudim or brigadeiro
- Batidinha or Caipirinha

i will translate all the hikings i did in Florianópolis for you! but if you wanna tips comment here!!

best wishes!

Gabrielle C. Fadel

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